Audio-frequency screen current induced noise is negligible (as long as it is prevented from flowing in the 0V)
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First presented at the Audio Engineering Society workshop on "Bonding and Grounding", Amsterdam, 23 March 2003

The Benefits of Applying
IEC 61000-5-2 to Cable Shield Bonding and Earthing

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Traditional practice is to bond cable shields (screens) to the earth (ground) at one end only, using a length or wire. This brief article shows why this is very bad for EMC, and explains how the IEC 61000-5-2 mesh-bonding approach works so well. Other links and downloads on this page explain how it is that this approach, which bonds cable sheilds at both ends, actually benefits pro-audio quality and saves installation and commissioning time – if the electronics are designed correctly.
Bonding Cable Shields at Both Ends to Reduce Noise With Tony Waldron
Professional audio and similar applications