Banana Skins

“Banana Skins” is a collection of anecdotes and reports on interference incidents, from a huge variety of sources, edited by Keith Armstrong of Cherry Clough. It was first published as a column in the EMC Journal (free on-line at in 1998, and to date has over 868 entries, ranging from the downright funny to the seriously worrying.

The first 500 Banana Skins have been embellished with some cartoons and published as a low-cost (about £10) pocket-sized book, perfect for that boss who refuses to believe that EMC is now a significant financial risk issue. To order a copy on-line, visit
The book is also available for free on-line access at - but although you can search them all by topic or EM coupling mode, you can’t download or print out the whole book. If you haven’t already registered with the Compliance Club, itself a very valuable resource, you will be presented with a form to complete. It doesn't take long and you get instant access when you have.

The EMC Journal ceased publication in 2014, but its sites (above) are being maintained as an active archive.

You can download the latest version of the “Compendium of Banana Skins” (nearly 400 A4 pages!) from here.

Banana Skins are also available (as well as a very large amount of valuable practical EMC guidance) from, where they are called “EMI Stories”, and also from, and both of these sites post new Banana Skins / EMI Stories as I find them and write them up

And if you have any anecdotes or reports of EMI, please send them to me at and I’ll see if I can print them. Please tell me if you want your name, position and employer listed, or just your name, or even if you want to remain anonymous!

List of EMC publications NEW (Nov 2006)
Books, magazines, etc.
EMC Awareness A website that introduces EMC techniques by discussing how they relate to some actual interference incidents
Miscellaneous articles

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EMC fixing using good design practices, EMC Journal 8 May 2013
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