Introduction to EMC for Functional Safety (½, ¾, 1 or 1½ hr versions also available) 2 hr
Design, verification, validation and assessment for EMC for Functional Safety for compliance with IEC 61508 and the functional safety standards that have been developed from it (also suitable for high-reliability systems and legal metrology)
Based on the IET’s 2017 “Code of Practice on Electromagnetic Resilience", which the presenter chaired. 
½ day
Why immunity testing is inadequate for EMC
First presented at the IEEE International EMC Symposium, Santa Clara, August 2004
½ hr
Functional safety requires more than EMC testing
First presented at the Euro-EMC Symposium, Eindhoven, September 2004
½ hr

Risk Management of EMI for Medical devices and Healthcare 
Practical compliance with the risk management requirements of the EMC standards IEC 60601-1-2 ed.3:2007 and Ed.4:2014

(3/4 hour version also available)

3 hrs
Basic principals of safe design, including risk management 2 hr
Assessing electromagnetic (EM) environments and specifying EM performance 1½ hrs
Assessing an electromagnetic (EM) environment 1hr
Electromagnetic phenomena – where they come from and what they can affect and why (covers 10 phenomena, from 50Hz magnetic fields to GHz radiation) 2 hrs
The physical basis of EMC 3 hrs