EMC for Systems and Installations
Tim Williams and Keith Armstrong
Newnes, 2000, ISBN 0 7506 4167 3, Paperback, cost around £34
Buy on-line at www.newnespress.com or from RS Components (Part No. 377-6463)
This is a guide for systems designers and installers faced with achieving EMC (electromagnetic compatibility). It is valuable across a wide range of roles and sectors, including process control, manufacturing, medical, IT and building management. The EMC issues covered will also make this book essential reading for product manufacturers and suppliers – and highly relevant for managers as well as technical staff.
The authors’ approach is thoroughly practical – all areas of installation EMC are covered with particular emphasis on cabling and earthing. Students on MSc and CPD programmes will also find in this book some valuable real-world antidotes to the academic treatises.
The Benefits of Applying
IEC 61000-5-2 to Cable Shield Bonding and Earthing

(Word format, 406K)
Traditional practice is to bond cable shields (screens) to the earth (ground) at one end only, using a length or wire. This brief article says why this is very bad for EMC, and explains how the IEC 61000-5-2 mesh-bonding approach works so well.
CE + CE does not equal CE, what to do instead
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Simply combining CE marked items of equipment cannot ensure EMC compliance for the finished product, system or installation.
EMC for Systems and Installations Part 0 – The commercial need for EMC in systems and installations plus Part 1 – Earth? What earth?
Part 2 – EMC techniques for installations
Part 3 – EMC techniques in assembly
Part 4 – Filtering and shielding
Part 5 – Lightning and surge protection
Part 6 – CE plus CE ≠ CE! What to do instead
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